The Forensic Accounting Group, Inc.'s litigation support services range from research, accounting opinions and valuations, audits, fraud investigations and expert witness testimony to the preparation of quality graphic exhibits that translate complex financial concepts into colorful and easily understood displays. Our support has been instrumental in securing favorable decisions in many instances including some of wide-ranging influence.

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Damage Calculations

The Forensic Accounting Group, Inc. has been engaged by some of the largest and most successful financial institutions in the world. The role of the forensic accountant is to verify, corroborate or disprove financial damage. The services we provide can identify sources of financial and other information to evaluate conflicts on behalf of our clients. These services can significantly affect the amount of a claim.

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Forensic Investigations

The Forensic Accounting Group, Inc. has performed extensive forensic investigations for various industries and we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of real estate, real estate development, hospitality issues and hotel management practices. Since 1995 we have performed extensive engagements for many other industries. Please consult our services page to view examples of past engagements, as well as, fields of specialty.

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In our complex society, forensic accountants are frequently called upon to serve as experts in evaluating contract compliance and assessing potential damages. Whether the potential claim involves property management, insurance, contract disputes, or business interruption, these areas often require the skills and experience that only knowledgeable CPAs can provide.

We are experienced in providing our clients with information by knowing the probable areas of abuse and then performing a detailed analysis of the underlying documents using a variety of approaches to successfully resolve claims and disputes. From the early stage advisor to expert witness, we provide information and advice throughout the process in an effort to provide the information clients need to evaluate the magnitude of suspect problem areas.

We can provide expert witness testimony supported by effective analysis, trial support by analyzing evidentiary materials and developing approaches to support the direct and/or cross examination process and comprehensive support for settlement scenarios.

In short, our firm provides critical financial information, analysis and advice which allow decision makers to maximize opportunities, secure competitive advantages, settle disputes, and resolve problems.

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